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Bodywork by Stacy LLC

A Natural Way to Heal

Our Services

Bodywork by Stacy LLC currently offers Equine & Canine Bodywork. We are currently mobile and can come to you, with plans of an office in the future! We will be offering human massage in the near future! Stay tuned for our updates.

Animal brown horse

Equine Bodywork (Massage)

If your horse seems sore or just down on his performance, a bodywork session may be just what your horse needs to get back to performing well. 

Dog Lover

Canine Bodywork (Massage)

Dogs can benefit from massage as well. A bodywork session may help increase  range of motion into that sticky joint or may be just the thing your dog needs to relax and take a break.

Spa Massage

Human Massage


“The greatest wealth is health”


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